Each and every recipe that comes out of my kitchen is made from scratch. The ingredients used are predominately organic. There are no additives, no short cuts, no fillers, no processing; just pure ingredients put together by hand and baked daily. This allows your body to process the food in its natural form, while enjoying the full bodied taste of a recipe the way it should be.

Organic means the food is grown without pesticides or chemicals. This means pure, delicious foods. Those chemicals will lead to a build up of toxins in our body, which could result in auto-immune diseases. We need to recognize it's about the quality of our food that makes the biggest difference to our health.

Olly Makes Bakery only uses organic cane sugar. Organic cane sugar has the full taste of sugarcane and is much less processed than white sugar. I'ts actually not white at all, but a tan color. This is because it has not undergone all the processing and bleaching that regular white table sugar has.  

Olly Makes Bakery does NOT use any artificial colorings. Any alteration to color is done so by using natural ingredients such as beet juice, blueberries, purple cabbage, etc. Did you know most synthetic food colorings derive from petruleum? These dyes can lead to long term health problems and hyperactivity in children. They add no value to the food itself, so why not go the healthier route to add a 'hint of color'?