Meet Molly.


Growing up, one of the ways we showed our love was with food. During family gatherings, movie nights, game nights, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, heart breaks, road trips, 'thank you's and 'I'm sorry's;  food was served as a way to connect and show that we care. I love to use food to build relationships and create special moments. 


I combine my skills in the kitchen with my passion to maintain a healthy, organic lifestyle. We use only the best ingredients for Olly Makes products.  Intuition tells me that food made from scratch, using ingredients in their purist form, has to be the way to go. We have no room for additives or preservatives. Toxins not only can be found in the air we breathe, the products we put on our skin, but the food we eat.  High levels of toxins in our body can result in different auto-immune diseases or other health issues.  Knowing that auto-immune diseases run in my family, I strive for a healthy lifestyle. I want to be apart the shift to offer great food made the right way.  This is why we make everything from scratch with predominately organic ingredients. 

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